Thursday, September 6, 2012

the guys.

If you had to pick who was more nervous on our wedding day, it would easily have been Marcus. One of the many reasons why we fit so well is because I am usually calm and Marcus is usually anxious in stressful situations. In most cases. I wasn't worried about him on our day because I knew he was surrounded by his best friends, and they would ease his nerves (whether it required a shot glass or not). Dustin, Chris & Trevor are an outstanding group of men and I am so glad they stood next to us on our wedding day. 
So I guess a little liquid encouragement was required....

Friday, August 31, 2012

wedding photos: the girls.

So I have been procrastinating posting wedding photos, because I believe subconsciously I was stressed about having to chose photos. I wanted to chose just a few photos that captured our day perfectly. Well all the photos capture our day just the way I imagined everything could look. We could not have chosen a better photographer, Mikaela Ruth, and as a result I am having a hard time choosing my favorite photos. So let's break it up into a few posts. First, my bridal party. I don't think a bride has ever had a more gorgeous group of bridesmaids. Not only are they beautiful on the outside, but Michelle, Gillian & Christina all have a charisma and inner beauty that makes them glow. 
Marcus had the girls give me a gift from him, and he could not have chosen a gift more perfect for the occasion. Tiffany pearl earrings have been on my ultimate wish list since the classic movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Inside that little blue box wrapped in white satin ribbon, was a pair of pearl earrings just for me. I wear pearls everyday, but these ones are special. They will always bring me back to this moment I got to share with my best friends, and remind me of one of the many reasons why I love my husband so much. 
Paparazzi. Christina admitted "I think I like photos more than real life". 
Look at Michelle's tiny baby bump! Five months pregnant, and she was one of the last one's to go to bed that night!
London was the cutest flower girl a wedding has ever seen. She can be a little shy, especially around new people. All it took was a few marshmallows and a little "Call Me Maybe" for her to laugh with the rest of us and party her little heart out!

Monday, August 6, 2012

we did it!

We walked down the aisle. We said 'I do'. We took photos. We drank cocktails. We laughed. We danced. Bouquets & garters were thrown. Cupcakes and cake pops were enjoyed. Goodbye's were said. We honeymooned. We're home.
What a whirlwind adventure the last two weeks has been. I received our collection of photographs & can't wait to sure later this week!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

bridal shower deux

I'm still dreaming in pink after the shower that very good family friends, Patsy & Emily, hosted for me. The day turned out perfect, and was all wrapped up just minutes before the biggest summer storm rolled in. The food, the decor, the family & friends - it was all so wonderful (& overwhelming - I don't think this girl will ever get used to that kind of attention!). Patsy & Emily are full of fabulous ideas, and clearly when they put their heads together they are capable of amazing things!
The string art that emily whipped up the night before! That would have taken me weeks!

Myself and the shower host!

Lovely shower hosts!

Me and my maid of honor!

We are clearly having a very involved conversation

Everything was so yummy! Those pink squares are "Stephanie" bars that my grandma made the day before I was born. She used pink icing in hopes that my parents would have a baby girl! 

The youngest shower guest!

One of the most fun parts of this shower was the 'wiener roast', everybody loved it!
More string art! Can't wait to use these at the wedding!

My little gift helper (and flower girl)!

I was lucky enough to have some beautiful vintage teacups passed down to me from family friends!

Crafting my 'bridal veil', lucky me!

This is, apparently, a traditional game. I think its just an excuse to make me look silly and give everybody else a good laugh. It worked!
I can't stop saying what a wonderful day it was. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends & family!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


My amazing, talented, and creative friend Michelle & her Mom, Genelle, threw me the most amazing girly bridal shower I could have ever dreamed up! From the surprise to the food to the decor, I was seriously in awe. I was under the impression that I was picking Michelle up at her parent's house last Sunday. We were supposed to be going to take a peek at the progress on Michelle & Morgan's new home. However, I pulled into her parent's driveway and this gorgeous group of ladies was waiting for me!

serious shock when I saw all my beautiful friends standing in Michelle's driveway

this was michelle's mom's wedding dress - just the start to the unbelievably creative decor 

my mom's fancy cupcakes - they taste even better than they look!

who knew a frying pan could get this girl that excited?

to hang my dress on!

Emily & her baby, Quinn!

Michelle & her 'baby', Peanut. Peanut is going to have to learn to share because Michelle is expecting and is due in November!

this dress was such a great idea...but kind of creepy at the same time?

okay - I love this picture! The look on Quinn's face is hilarious!

I just can't stop saying how blessed I am to have such great friends & family. I love how our upcoming wedding is bringing everyone together, it's so much fun! Maybe we should get married every five years? I think Marcus would beg to differ - my stress form wedding plan is enough to do us for a lifetime! And now, I'm off to see Michelle & Morgan's house for real this time!