Tuesday, July 3, 2012

bridal shower deux

I'm still dreaming in pink after the shower that very good family friends, Patsy & Emily, hosted for me. The day turned out perfect, and was all wrapped up just minutes before the biggest summer storm rolled in. The food, the decor, the family & friends - it was all so wonderful (& overwhelming - I don't think this girl will ever get used to that kind of attention!). Patsy & Emily are full of fabulous ideas, and clearly when they put their heads together they are capable of amazing things!
The string art that emily whipped up the night before! That would have taken me weeks!

Myself and the shower host!

Lovely shower hosts!

Me and my maid of honor!

We are clearly having a very involved conversation

Everything was so yummy! Those pink squares are "Stephanie" bars that my grandma made the day before I was born. She used pink icing in hopes that my parents would have a baby girl! 

The youngest shower guest!

One of the most fun parts of this shower was the 'wiener roast', everybody loved it!
More string art! Can't wait to use these at the wedding!

My little gift helper (and flower girl)!

I was lucky enough to have some beautiful vintage teacups passed down to me from family friends!

Crafting my 'bridal veil', lucky me!

This is, apparently, a traditional game. I think its just an excuse to make me look silly and give everybody else a good laugh. It worked!
I can't stop saying what a wonderful day it was. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends & family!

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