Tuesday, January 17, 2012

last week via instagram.

on sunday we played some cards with my family, and as I lose interest pretty quickly I resorted to relaxing on the couch with kassie.
tulips! in january! I was so excited I had to snatch some up at the grocery store. 
one of my goals for this year was to stop purchasing black, white and grey clothing. safe, goes with everything, but boring. I want to add more color and print to my wardrobe. a quick shopping trip to zara and h&m got me going with some colorful and printed blouses, and a cute navy blazer with pintucks (my favorite!) below the pockets.
I was delighted to find some amazing post-christmas wrapping paper & gift tags (marked down, and then marked down again!), at a store I don't normally walk into. it all ties into a vintage, cozy, woodland christmas theme that I am going to use for gifts next year.
along with my goals for brightening up my wardrobe, I also want to work on brightening up our home. I found these pillows for our family room, and would love to find some smaller coral colored chevron pillows to match. 
friday was a fun day - I picked up my wedding dress and tried on some veils and other fun accessories with it.  my dress made it safely to my parents, where I won't be tempted to show marcus!
we had well deserved lattes at caffe artigiano, a new discovery. the best coffee I have had since europe, but the lattes taste much better when sipping from a porcelain mug and not the to-go cups. 
this wreath on our front door is the last remnant of our christmas decor, I keep forgetting to take it down!
however, I was glad to have left it up because we got loads of snow over the weekend. now I just wish we had left our christmas tree up!
we went with my parents for a drive down to deception pass in washington. the sun was shining, but oh my was it cold! the two pictures on the right were taken from on top of the bridge. 
another part of my new years goals, not resolutions, was to improve on the amount of times I workout or make it to the gym every week. I also wanted to help marcus improve on the amount of times he makes it to the gym too. I put monthly fitness trackers on the fridge, and so far it's pretty satisfying to see your physical activity summarized for the week.
six months and counting until the big day! we are cracking down on wedding planning!
I finally removed all the remains of christmas wrap, ribbons & glitter from my desk and the floor of my office. I have space when I sit down to do homework now!
these blueberry bran muffins were not the tastiest, but they were packed with fibre, little sugar, and low in fat. I froze them, and have been eating them for breakfast on the way to work. 
I love this idea of using my instagram photos to post about my week. Let's see if I can keep it up!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


our modge podge collection of furniture (where hand-me-downs go to rest) and outdated bedroom has me pinning up a storm of beautiful boudoirs. the bedroom is my favorite place, it is where you start your day and end your day. I love curling up in bed on a saturday morning with a book and reading until I feel guilty enough to get out of bed. although right now, I feel less than inspired by our bedroom surroundings and I am planning a bedroom makeover for the spring. these are my favorite bedrooms that will inspire our new space (notice all the fabric headboards - obsessed!). 
white is such a crisp color, especially for linens in a bedroom. everything matches white the combinations are endless. white is a blank canvas for different colors and textures. we don't have a dog (yet!), so white duvet covers and euro shams would be a good choice for our bedroom. 
tall, rectangular & tufted. the perfect headboard. with so many beautiful DIY headboard projects floating around pinterest and the creative world, anyone (including us!) can have large statement piece like this for less. 
speaking of colors, fabrics and textures, these two rooms have a gorgeous combination of them all. velvet, deep royal colors, abstract prints, neutral draping, and glossy mirrored side dressers. the best for last, these are my favorite rooms. to make our very own headboard, I'm on the hunt for rich blue velvet (as close to the photo above as I can get).