Sunday, April 29, 2012

my new favorite treat.

With a little less than 3 months to go until the big day (and not to mention a vacation where we'll be in our bathing suits the entire time), we are both hitting the gym and trying to eat clean and healthy. I have a sweet tooth that is pretty hard to control, but I have tweaked one of my favorite banana muffin recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth without the guilt. Subbing all-purpose flour for whole wheat flour, and using applesauce instead of oil deems them 'healthy' in my books. These are seriously so yummy & moist. I usually have to make a new batch every weekend (they freeze great) because we love them so much. A cup of vanilla tea and one of these muffins after dinner curbs my sweet cravings!

Monday, April 9, 2012

playing on repeat.

can't stop listening to this song! the chaos of wedding planning can make you forget about the reasons why this party is happening in the first place, and this song brings it all back into perspective. what can I say? I love a good love song. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

yes, I still want to blog.

It has been over a month since my last post, yikes! If anything, that can explain how busy life has been. We are almost ready to send out wedding invites with the blog address, so I figured I should make some time in this hectic schedule to at least make it look like I use this blog. Marcus has been beyond busy with his new solo real estate venture, but he has definitely been rewarded for all of his hard work - #1 realtor for march 2012 (shhh, he'll kill me if he knows I put that on here). I am so proud of him, he is seriously so great with people and knows the business inside and out. Spring has finally arrived in our backyard, the grass is growing like crazy and the tulips have started to come up. As pretty as it is to look at, there's a lot of yard work to get going on, which also has Marcus busier than ever. Your probably wondering why I'm not Marcus' eager yard work assistant?! Unfortunately I am stuck inside wrapping up the last couple weeks of my UBC classes. One more literature review to write and I am in full wedding planning, no distractions, mode. I am also very excited to try to keep this blog a little more up to date. Can't wait! 

We managed to get away in february for some much needed R&R. A quick trip to Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa left us feeling rejuvenated, and gave us a kick start to make it through the rest of winter. 
The lake is seriously so beautiful in winter, a bright turquoise color. Chocolate strawberries and champagne were waiting in our room for us when we got back from our couples massage. Perfect. 
I've been getting so used wearing scrubs all day, changing into my workout clothes after work, and then coming home and putting on pjs. It was so nice to dust off some nice clothes and heels for an evening. Oh how I have missed them! Marcus has a love for jazz, and the copper room restaurant has a resident jazz band. Needless to say conversation over dinner was minimal because he was in a 'jazz coma', but it was nice to see him relax a little.

I've missed blogging so much, it's a little creative outlet that I have been craving amidst dental hygiene research. One more paper to go, and I'm sure you'll see a lot more from me. Happy Easter!