Saturday, January 14, 2012


our modge podge collection of furniture (where hand-me-downs go to rest) and outdated bedroom has me pinning up a storm of beautiful boudoirs. the bedroom is my favorite place, it is where you start your day and end your day. I love curling up in bed on a saturday morning with a book and reading until I feel guilty enough to get out of bed. although right now, I feel less than inspired by our bedroom surroundings and I am planning a bedroom makeover for the spring. these are my favorite bedrooms that will inspire our new space (notice all the fabric headboards - obsessed!). 
white is such a crisp color, especially for linens in a bedroom. everything matches white the combinations are endless. white is a blank canvas for different colors and textures. we don't have a dog (yet!), so white duvet covers and euro shams would be a good choice for our bedroom. 
tall, rectangular & tufted. the perfect headboard. with so many beautiful DIY headboard projects floating around pinterest and the creative world, anyone (including us!) can have large statement piece like this for less. 
speaking of colors, fabrics and textures, these two rooms have a gorgeous combination of them all. velvet, deep royal colors, abstract prints, neutral draping, and glossy mirrored side dressers. the best for last, these are my favorite rooms. to make our very own headboard, I'm on the hunt for rich blue velvet (as close to the photo above as I can get). 

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