Sunday, August 21, 2011

I heart sunday mornings

"weekends don't count unless you spent them doing something completely pointless"

I love sundays - my favorite day of the week (hence the blog name "lovely sundays"). It's a day where you (usually) don't feel bad for unwinding, and relaxing a little. 
This week we are looking after friend's dogs, staying in their beautiful home - with a pool I might add - and pretending we're on vacation. 
Today started with a bowl of fresh fruit, greek yogurt and homemade granola. My wonderful fiance went to get me my favorite starbucks latte, which I enjoyed while flipping through magazines and checking up on pinterest. I got slightly active and took the dogs for a walk...and now the rest of my day will most likley be enjoyed reading a book poolside. 
Life would be wonderful if everyday was a sunday.

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