Monday, May 21, 2012

mirror, mirror.

This weekend I found myself at my parent's neighbor's home to peruse her vintage collections for our wedding. Colleen's home has been in decor magazines a handful of times, she has a booth at an antique mall in Ft. Langley, and sells to decor stores in Vancouver. Her collection of refinished antiques and glassware is seriously breathtaking, and overwhelming! What caught my attention the most, were the beautifully repainted antique frames that have been transformed into gorgeous mirrors & fun chalkboards. I love vintage mirrors. I would rather hang a pretty antique mirror in a large beveled brightly colored frame, than a piece of artwork any day. 
so unexpected in a bathroom, but makes a serious impact. 
besides vintage mirrors, I also have an obsession with loud wall paper
this mirror breaks up the print and offers a touch of glamour with the reflection the light fixture

again, this mirror breaks up a loud print and adds elegance to the space

I love the idea of leaning a mirror on the wall behind the head of the table, your guests get a chance to observe all the conversation at your table!

okay seriously? who is lucky enough to own that many beautiful gold vintage mirrors. In my dreams!

So I am on the search for something pretty like these to hang above our fireplace, and it wouldn't hurt if I could find one for our dining room..oh and one for our entryway. The list goes on! 
Colleen, of Vintage Home, will have a booth at the Scout Handmade + Vintage Market this upcoming Saturday - and you'll find me there searching for a mirror!