Sunday, July 3, 2011

sunday boating

There is nothing more relaxing than a sunday afternoon laying in the sun...on a big the pacific ocean. Last sunday we were so lucky to have the gorgeous vancouver coastline in the background, and the amazing gulf islands in the distance. We were also lucky to get a rare day of sun - so far this summer a sunny day has been few and far between. We are still waiting for two sunny days in a row!

arriving at the marina - marcus is excited for his first trip on my dad's boat!

captain andy prepping the boat for launch 

getting to our first destination - snug cove on bowen island. See what I mean about lucky? Look at those views!

the snug cove public dock, and some canadian geese looking for some generous boaters

we got off at bowen island for some wine & groceries - and kassie met the cutest cavalier spaniel named clarence. I wanted to take him home!

just because we are boating doesn't mean that we leave the wine, goat cheese & prosciutto at home. Gourmet boat lunches are the best!

 we threw a crab trap out while we floated around gambier island and ate lunch. We only caught a few crab and had to throw them back because they were too small or female - good thing because I probably couldn't have handled the killing of little crabs. I'm a wimp.  
A fun & relaxing day on the water, exactly what we needed! Can't wait to do it again!

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