Wednesday, December 28, 2011

before christmas.

here is a little peak of us preparing for christmas. the hustle & bustle before christmas prevented me from sharing this earlier, and now that I am on holidays until new years it has been hard to be motivated to do anything but read & sip tea all day. 
 david & marcus being brave and very patient with my detailed instructions for setting up the perfect christmas light display. I was a little upset when we discovered that absolutely no one carries the old style christmas lights  - the clear ones, my favorite! I think a house looks so classic when only clear lights are used. I can't stand the LEDs, but I had to deal with it this year. although, admittedly the 'warm white' color has grown on me. 
kassie also being very patient with me. 
our blue & silver christmas tree, with the newest additions - an eiffel tower & a diamond ring. pretty perfect to represent our year. thank goodness for my parents who donated their old imitation tree to us last year. as grateful as we are, the tree has seen one of it's last christmas'. I'm thinking a pre-lit white imitation tree next year - with gold, silver, brass and white ornaments. 
I tried my hand at being a little more creative with wrapping paper & ribbon this year. I have collected a lot of inspiration from pinterest, and stocked up on wrapping necessities after christmas - so next year's gifts will be even prettier. 
new cushions for the front room couches, a little upgrading to marcus' bachelor pad. thank-you grandma for being a wonderful seamstress!
two items that I forgot we had purchased last year after christmas. it was like christmas morning when I opened the storage boxes to find our new stockings &  eiffel tower stocking hangers. 
we are off to sun peaks to ring in the new year with family & friends. christmas day photos & new years photos to come when we get back. happy new year! xoxo

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