Friday, December 30, 2011

how i spent my holidays.

besides the obvious time spent with family, and catching up with friends, this holiday has been very relaxing. having some time off has given me the opportunity to sit down and watch a movie with marcus (rare - during normal life we don't have anytime to sit on the couch at the same time, for more than an hour), start and finish(!) a few books, and curl up with my favorite magazines. 
watching...I am so glad santa left midnight in paris in my stocking. watching it transported us back to our spring vacation in paris, and reminded us how magical and wonderful the city of paris really is. 
reading... I finished sarah's key in just a couple days because I could barely put the book down.  it is a unique story that focuses on a little jewish girl in france. her life gets turned upside down when thousands of jewish families are taken from their homes during WWII. this book makes it easy to envision the conditions of the war, and the descriptive writing can make the book hard to read at times. however, it is a wonderful and fulfilling story. santa also left the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society in my stocking, which I have just picked up and started reading. 
relaxing...a perfect relaxing day to me is waking up for early morning yoga, and then heading to the gym. coming home for my favorite fruit and yogurt, and curling up with a latte and my favorite magazines. this day happened once over my holidays, but it's once more than I thought it was going to happen. perfect. 

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  1. i lovvved midnight in paris as well! so jealous you've been able to visit Paris! love your blog! :)