Wednesday, December 14, 2011

oh christmas tree!

we started a family tradition this year - the hunt for the perfect christmas (real - not fake!) tree. a perfect tree to our family is one that is big enough and strong enough to hold years of family ornaments. my brother and I have been getting an ornament every year for christmas since we were babies, plus anything my parents have collected over the years - that's a lot!

we found the biggest and fullest tree standing all on it's own, like it was waiting just for us. 

we left the heavy lifting to the boys!
marcus & I have a imitation tree, but we are so lucky we get to enjoy a real tree (and the smell!) with my family on christmas day! sometimes it just doesn't seem like christmas if you don't have the christmas tree smell. counting down the days  - 10 more days, can you believe it?

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